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Artificial turf bonding attention points

  1. Gluing: It is required to use a glue applicator to paint on the outside. It should be even and thick, and it is not necessary to apply glue repeatedly. Otherwise, it will appear blistering and even fall. The base fabric is coated with a glue applicator, and the thickness of the glue is strictly controlled. It is necessary to pay attention to the glue application speed. When applying the glue, it should be applied to the two bonding surfaces that are bonded.

  2. Adhesion: According to the practical influence of the temperature, humidity, pressure and other conditions at that time, the airing time is reasonably controlled. Generally, within 10-30 minutes after the glue is applied, the glue reaches 80 to 90% dry and the hand is not sticky. It is required to use a sticking machine, which requires one-time alignment and adhesion when bonding, and can not move the bonded object back and forth after bonding.

  3. Pressurization: After bonding, remove the external debris, and use a special rubber hammer to hammer the two sides from the joint to make the outer surface of the joint dense and firm.

  4. Curing: The curing time is generally three days, and the final intensity of the test is generally ten days. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the protection during curing to avoid excessive exposure, flooding and movement to reach the optimum state of bonding. After bonding, the turf cut pieces of the artificial turf site shall be cleaned with an imported cleaner before the quartz sand and rubber particles are applied.

  Matters to be aware of during construction: When the artificial turf is bonded, the adhesive will not be exposed at the moment, and the viscosity will be too large to be applied due to solvent evaporation. If the temperature is too low, the hot water can be heated to 15-20 ° C, then the original state can be restored, and the performance remains unchanged.

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