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Artificial turf application selection

  Artificial turf has been widely used in our daily life. The artificial turf of the Golden Moon Kindergarten has different types of artificial turf depending on its function.

  1. Artificial turf used in viewing. Generally choose green, the color, leaf fine are more uniform.

  2. Artificial turf used during rest. It is mainly used for outdoor sports such as rest, walking and entertainment games, mainly using artificial turf with high toughness and resistance to trampling.

  3. Artificial turf used during exercise. This kind of turf is relatively diversified in kind. In order to reduce the damage rate, the kindergarten artificial turf is supplied, which is generally a mesh structure, which contains a filling inside, is resistant to pedaling, and has a certain cushioning performance.

  Although artificial turf does not produce oxygen, it still has the function of fixing soil and sand, and it has a longer life than natural turf, and it is slightly better in protecting people.

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