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Flame retardant performance standard for artificial turf

  Artificial turf is used in decoration and leisure places, and it is close to the crowd. If the artificial turf has no flame retardant performance, the fire retardant performance of the artificial turf will become the artificial turf safety performance if there is a fire that will cause unpredictable consequences. An important factor. The so-called flame retardant, the purpose is to make the artificial turf can extinguish itself after the fire, will not cause the whole piece of artificial turf to burn. The principle of flame retardant is actually adding flame retardant in the production of straw. The flame retardant was applied to prevent fire at the beginning, but it has developed into the safety problem of artificial turf. The role of flame retardant is to effectively prevent the flame. Spread and reduce the speed of the fire. The addition of flame retardants to artificial turf is also effective in preventing the spread of fire. However, many artificial turf products on the market eliminate the need to add flame retardants in order to save costs, which causes artificial turf to pose a threat to human life safety and a safety hazard of artificial turf. Therefore, you must recognize the regular artificial turf manufacturers when purchasing, and don't be greedy and cheap. With the increasing use of artificial turf, public places, interior decoration, hotel carpets, etc., although everyone is responsible for fire prevention, all things happen unexpectedly. Once a fire occurs, the scene is not well controlled. . Therefore, in order to use human safety and avoid fire, the flame retardant performance of artificial turf is still necessary and can play a role in fire prevention.

  It should be emphasized that people around the world are paying more and more attention to the problem of environmental pollution harming the human body. The volatilization of harmful substances in inferior artificial turf will cause harm to the human body and cause pollution to the environment. The human body will have close contact with the artificial turf every day, and only the artificial turf with good environmental performance can ensure the health of the human body to the greatest extent.

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