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Artificial turf cleaning requirements

  Artificial turf is widely used, and maintenance has become an important part. Natural turf needs regular repair, and artificial turf needs regular cleaning and maintenance.

  Especially after carrying out some large-scale activities and competitions, it is easier to clean paper, melon seeds, peanut shells, tapes, etc. with a vacuum cleaner. A satisfactory vacuum cleaner is necessary to suck in food debris, shredded paper and dust on the surface.

  When using these machines, there are a few points worth noting:

  Temperature limit

  In the summer, if the temperature exceeds 33 ° C, please do not use the cleaning machine.

  2. Brush type

  The cleaning machine must have a synthetic fiber brush similar to nylon or polyolefin. The brush has a minimum length of 2.5 inches. Brushes must not contain metal or metal wires.

  3. Oil spills, etc.

  Prevent oil, grease, liquids, etc. from spilling or dripping onto the surface of your turf during cleaning. Because these liquids will discolor the grass fibers, do not spill acidic liquids like batteries on the grass.

  4. Removal of stains

  Among most antifouling fibers, polyethylene is well known because most of the stains are produced by moisture, but polyethylene itself does not absorb moisture. Therefore, the "stain" on the polyethylene fiber can be cleaned with water or soapy water. The stain on the artificial grass is very easy to clean before it dries and hardens. Remove solids or stains like putty, scrape off with a spatula, and then drain excess liquid with a towel, clothing or paper.

  5. Brush installation

  Proper use of the cleaning machine will not carry the rubber particles filled in the turf, so the installation of the brush deserves special attention. The specific installation method depends on the type of the cleaning machine. When the installed brush can hardly touch the top of the grass fiber, the cleaning machine will work very well. Do not install the brush too low to fit into the grass fibers, fillers or liners. When the brush is installed too low, it will damage the turf and affect the filling. We do not recommend using a cleaning machine to remove dirt.

  6. Vehicle gas emissions

  In order to prevent fire or melt the grass fiber due to excessive temperature, do not park the vehicle without the flame on the turf. Do not discharge the vehicle's gas into the stadium regardless of the vehicle used.

  7. Frequency

  Generally, the loose garbage is cleaned when needed. In the frequent use period of artificial grassland, the cleaning is generally two times a month.

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