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Artificial turf laying design attention

  Generally, there is no requirement for shoes for artificial turf. In addition, its coordination is better, and the service life is very long. It can make every hobby guest feel the charm of golf at any time, which greatly increases the guest's right. Hotel satisfaction. Another point is that it is suitable for different professional levels. Artificial turf is suitable for both professional and non-professionals. True grass is not suitable for non-professionals. It is easy to leave a deep scraping on the field. Traces, this is not enough to fix.

  In comparison, artificial turf with good resilience performance is more suitable for running and exercising, and it is more effective to prevent athletes from falling, and is smaller than natural turf, so the quality is better. The wear resistance of artificial turf is always directly related to the DTEX value of the grass, so it is one of the important indicators of artificial turf.

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