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Artificial turf core performance index

Recoil performance

After the artificial turf was impacted, the deformation value of the surface of the artificial turf indicated the return force performance of the lawn.

artificial turf with good performance of return force is more suitable for running and sports, more effective to prevent athletes from falling, and closer to the natural lawn.

Wear resistance

The nail roller on the test equipment was compacted back and forth on the artificial turf sample through Lisport test equipment. When the athletes were in normal use, the athletes wore sports shoes with nails to exercise on the lawn, which reached a certain time cycle. To test and evaluate the wear and tear of lawn. The artificial turf with good wear resistance is more durable and has a longer service life.

Aging resistance

Under the condition of set temperature and humidity, the artificial turf was illuminated by WOM with normal sun ultraviolet ray, that is to say, artificial simulation of climate, which reached the set time.

To observe and test the changes of color and related physical properties of artificial turf is called anti-aging performance test of artificial turf.

Under the usual climate conditions, artificial turf with strong anti-aging performance is not easy to fade and brittle, and the artificial turf with strong anti-aging performance is more durable and stable, and rarely drops grass seedlings. The service life is also longer.

Environmental performance

According to the REACH standard of 168 items of high concern for toxic and harmful chemicals detection.

Has the FIFA designated laboratory sports labs according to the DIN standard issued the heavy metal environmental performance test report?

Artificial turf and human body daily close contact, environmental protection performance is good artificial turf can ensure human health to the greatest extent.

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