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Artificial turf football field acceptance criteria

  The acceptance of artificial turf football field is mainly from four aspects: 1. The overall appearance. 2. The thickness of quartz sand and particles. 3. The flatness and slope of the entire lawn. 4, the accuracy of the distance dimension of each point line.

  First, the overall appearance

  1. The grass color of the artificial turf is uniform, and the side line, the bottom line and the point line are inlaid smoothly and straight, the color is uniform and there is no color difference.

  2. The width and size of each function line and point line are accurate, and the size of the function area conforms to the standard.

  3. There is no obvious gap between the joints of the two lawns, and the bonding is compact and does not open the glue.

  4. The surface of the filled quartz sand and environmental protection particles is clean and full, and the error of the flatness of the site shall not exceed 1cm of 3m ruler.

  Second, the filling thickness of quartz sand and environmental particles

  According to the actual length of the grass, the longest football field is 50mm monofilament. After filling the quartz sand and particles, the length of the grass exposed to the outside is about 15mm.

  Third, the flatness and slope of the entire lawn

  Since the thickness of the artificial turf is determined by the length of the grass, and the length of the grass of the same grass is the same, so long as the same grass is used, after the foundation flatness and slope are checked, no artificial grass leveling is required. Degree and slope detection.

  The acceptance of artificial grass machine tools is based on flatness. In principle, it should be controlled within a tolerance of 5 mm for a 3 m ruler.

  Fourth, the distance accuracy of the bit line distance of each point

  The dimensions and markings of each part meet the requirements of the drawings, and the tolerances are within the specified range. The marking color and size of various functional lines and point lines must conform to the requirements of FIFA rules, and the error should not exceed 2cm.

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