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Characteristics and differences of Sports Grass and Leisure Grass

Leisure artificial grass:

Leisure artificial grass is a kind of artificial grass product which focuses on decoration. Its color is bright, the color is rich, can play the function of a pleasant vision. It is mainly used for outdoor ground, roof and even slope protection, wall, and other wall surfaces, for practical laying and decorative laying. artificial grass for greening has high fidelity and durability and has been widely used in greening sites to replace the true grass.

Leisure grass application field: roof garden, swimming pool, kindergarten, courtyard, playground, park, street, road, office space.

Sports artificial grass:

The sports artificial grass is suitable for the laying of many sports venues.Its grass silk rough, strong and powerful, anti-aging, friction resistance, maintenance-free, can also be used immediately after rain.For different sports venues, there are different kinds of artificial grass products to match it, using more reasonable, safer, in line with the physiological requirements of human sports, more humanized.

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