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Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago
Landscape green artificial turf

Green spring grass series of landscape artificial lawn is welcome among many domestic customers, green dotted yellow autumn grass series of landscape synthetic grass is favored by foreign customers. Golden Moon landscape artificial turf has high density, it seems no different from the true grass, the touch feeling is also very comfortable.

At present, the prospects for landscaping artificial turf grass at home and abroad are huge, such as residential greening, villa greening, roof greening, and landscaping greening etc, which all need to decorate the green synthetic lawn. Golden Moon has produced various artificial turf for the landscape places.

According to different fields, the parameters of artificial turf is not the same, for example, green roof turf grass should not be too high, and the amusement park green grass will need a higher artificial turf so as to make turf softness improved.

Golden Moon landscape synthetic turf grass has been identified by CE and SGS certification, the results show our grass has no heavy metals and formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Our simulation lawn uses the famous SINOPEC raw materials as grass yarn production with high-quality standards, good water permeability, high decontamination performance, the whole lawn products have passed quality testing, Golden Moon has a high standard, high quality, and high efficiency.

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