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Colored artificial turf

  In recent years, with the continuous updating of artificial turf construction technology and the development of fiber materials and filling materials, color artificial turf production enterprises have begun to rely on innovation to improve product quality and gain market share by brand advantage. The increase in urbanization and urban greening has brought unlimited business opportunities to the turf industry, which has spawned more people to invest in the turf industry.

  The tip of the grass of the artificial turf of the football field will produce a visual chromatic aberration, so that the grass silk is generally caused by the inconsistent shrinkage rate of the straight grass. The shrinkage rate of the grass can be adjusted by adjusting the temperature of the drafting oven. The tempering oven temperature and the annealing temperature ratio are achieved.

  The color difference caused by the improper twist of the landscape artificial turf, the twist of the grass and the twist of the grass is a roundabout. The number of twists in the unit length is called the twist. The main point is that the twist refers to the twist of the grass. The tilt direction presented.

  The Colored artificial turf is unevenly produced by the unevenness of the curved silk, and the uneven curvature of the grass will cause the surface of the turf to be uneven, so that the product is uneven and the visual chromatic aberration will be caused. The curvature must be uniform.

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