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Do you really understand the golf artificial grass

  Golf artificial grass looks like natural grass, soft, tall and straight, but also has excellent resilience, durability and sports performance; unique performance from the use of innovative polymer materials and its unique shape, grass silk middle stem Of the thickness of 320μm, making the grass has a good resilience and size memory effect, the ball rolling and rebound performance better; and the use of a new type of polymer material makes the grass silk tear and wear resistance has been large Increase the range.

  The artificial grass is composed of three layers of material; the base layer is composed of tamping soil layer, gravel layer and asphalt or concrete layer; the base layer requires solid, non-deformable, smooth and impervious surface, that is, general concrete site. As the stadium area is large, the construction must be dealt with the base layer, to prevent subsidence. If the concrete layer, concrete curing after cutting out the expansion joints, to prevent thermal deformation and cracks.

  The advantages of golf artificial grass

  1. Excellent athletic performance;

  2. Super stiffness, supple feel;

  3.Excellent resilience;

  4. New appearance, no glare;

  5. Outstanding anti-aging properties.

  Golf artificial grass cleaning and conservation

  1. After the game with a vacuum cleaner in time to clean paper, fruit shells and other debris;

  2. every two weeks with a special brush to comb the grass once again, the lawn on the dirt and leaves and other debris removed;

  3. Monthly or frequent competition with a special rake after the formation of quartz sand or rubber particles once;

  4. dust on the turf, when the rain will be washed clean, or with a manual wash;

  5. Summer hot, you can use water shower lawn cooling, so that the environment cool and comfortable.

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