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Why pet artificial turf is worthy of attention

  Artificial turf will become the favorite of dogs, pets usually like soft and comfortable lawn, can enjoy playing, since the dogs have been accustomed to the natural feeling of natural grass, artificial turf will be your better choice, pet artificial turf vision And tactile high imitation effect is very real, your pet will not notice the difference. At the same time artificial grass is woven in the plastic base fabric, the bottom of the small holes to ensure that the urine and water discharge, with good permeability, pets in the lawn above the urine and other waste can be automatically ruled out, to avoid some smell The You can enjoy the artificial grass without having to worry about the dog will tear or their excreta and smell dirty your lawn, will not let the urine residue and breed bacteria cause disease, but also easy to clean and maintain. On the dog turf clean up the problem, presumably many people will have this question! In fact, the pet fake lawn clean is very simple, only need to rinse directly with water.

  In your pet is accustomed to the natural lawn, and the natural lawn and the disappearance of today, the moon suggested the use of artificial turf instead of natural lawn. Homemade lawns are laid in their own gardens, and natural lawns are protected from pesticides or herbicides. These may hurt pets and even endanger the safety of pets. However, artificial lawns do not need to worry about these problems. No need to use chemicals, artificial grass wire will not cause harm. You do not need to worry about muddy spots or paw prints, no need to clean the dog before returning to the house. Every day will give you a comfortable, clean home.

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