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Evaluation index of environmental protection safety performance of artificial turf

The detection of other toxic and hazardous substances on qualified artificial turf, the detection of related toxic substances will be used to evaluate whether artificial turf and its accessories will exceed safety standards. Of particular concern is the rate of release of toxic and hazardous substances, whether the chemical is volatile or not. This indicator is used to assess whether the rate of volatilization of chemical substances contained in artificial turf and its excipients exceeds safety standards.

When it comes to the environmental performance testing standards for qualified artificial turf, the standards in each country are different. At present, people in different countries are paying more and more attention to the problem of environmental pollution to human beings. Because the safety and environmental protection of artificial grass is closely related to the masses and the environment, the safety and environmental performance of artificial grass itself is particularly important.

The artificial fire-fighting performance standard of artificial turf is used in decoration and leisure places, which are relatively close to the crowd. If the artificial turf has no flame retardant performance, if there is fire, it will cause unpredictable consequences, so the artificial turf will be flame retardant. Performance has become an important factor in the safety of artificial turf. The so-called flame retardant, the purpose is to make the artificial turf can extinguish itself after the fire, will not cause the whole piece of artificial turf to burn.

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