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Factors affecting the quality of artificial grass

  The quality of artificial grass mainly comes from the quality of artificial grass silk, followed by the composition of auxiliary materials used in the artificial grass manufacturing process and manufacturing improvement projects. High-quality artificial grass is safer and healthier.

  High-quality Golden Moon artificial grass turf has undergone strict quality inspection, which guarantees its safety, quality and quality to a certain extent. Before production, high-quality artificial grass will undergo anti-aging and anti-static tests. After testing, artificial grass has strong antistatic and anti-aging properties, and has a corresponding friction index. The artificial grass has also passed the SGS secondary fire and flame retardant test. The results show that the artificial grass has fire and flame retardant ingredients, and its safety index is in line with international standards.

  Adhesive will affect the quality of artificial grass. The quality of the adhesive depends not only on whether the purchased product is imported, but also on the quality of the adhesive itself. The adhesive is applied by the machine according to the stitch length and the weaving length of the artificial grass yarn, which indirectly determines the tear strength of the artificial turf bottom. Only the bottom of the artificial turf has strong tear resistance, the quality of the turf will be very good.

  The quality of artificial grass will affect the overall balance of the market mechanism. The emergence of low-quality artificial turf has caused confusion in the total cost of the turf industry. It not only affects the market economy balance, but also affects the daily overall maintenance of the market. If manufacturers do not pay attention to the quality of artificial grass, the prospects of the artificial grass industry will be worrying, and the artificial grass industry will also suffer a major crisis. Therefore, this is very important.

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