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The benefits of laying artificial turf in gateball courts

  Artificial turf does not require fertilizer and water resources for growth like natural lawns. It can meet the needs of high-intensity exercise 24 hours a day, and it is easy to maintain, drain quickly, and has a good flatness of the ground. As the production process of artificial turf is very demanding and requires the use of a variety of high-tech technologies, many sports venues, hotel decorations, roof greening, etc. are now beginning to use artificial turf.

  After years of development, artificial turf does not require high foundations. For example, whether it is a cement concrete foundation, an asphalt concrete foundation, or a hard sand ground, artificial turf can be laid. In addition, artificial turf is very simple and durable in early maintenance. At the same time, the quality of the bottom of the lawn is particularly important, because it will directly determine the usage and service life of the lawn. Therefore, artificial turf is suitable for sports grounds with a high usage rate.

  The advantages of artificial turf gate court:

  1. Greatly reduce the friction between the ball and the lawn, making the speed and direction of the ball more stable

  2. The overall layout of the artificial turf gate court is beautiful, the usage rate is high, the service life can reach more than 8 years, it is durable, easy to maintain, and can be used continuously all day.

  3. The material of artificial turf gate court is environmentally friendly, the construction period is short, and the quality is easy to observe.

  4. The artificial turf gate court is breathable and water-permeable, not afraid of cracking, foaming and stratification, simple and economical.

  5. The artificial turf gate court is easy to maintain and low maintenance costs. Dirt can be removed by washing with water, and has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation.

  6. The artificial turf gate court has a high utilization rate, that is, it has the characteristics of shock absorption, no noise, safety, non-toxicity, good flexibility and good flame retardancy.

  7. Artificial turf gate courts make athletes feel comfortable, reduce fatigue and add fun to people.

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