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Golden Moon Artificial Grass

  In the United States, the artificial grass fiber materials used in most artificial turf are high-grade nylon materials, and multi-fibers are also used. Non-filled artificial turf can also be divided into water seepage and non-seepage. The lawn resembles a natural lawn in shape, with a layer of shock-absorbing foam cushioning, and the shock-absorbing layer has a variety of densities and thicknesses. Since there are not many manufacturers who actually master the artificial turf laying technology in most areas, and most of them are foreign technologies, it is necessary to be completed by experts when laying the sand-filled artificial turf, especially the cushioning foam cushion. Under the shock-absorbing foam, a layer of smooth asphalt is used as the foundation. Under the asphalt, gravel, sand and pebbles are laid as the foundation, and the construction of the drainage system is the most critical link. In addition, this type of artificial turf must use artificial grass special machinery during the installation process, especially in the installation and installation of some professional or expensive sports venues, otherwise it will not meet the requirements of site leveling and uniformity. In order to meet special needs, movable artificial grass, artificial grass and other sites must be constructed in strict accordance with the above requirements.

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