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How do I clean my artificial grass?

  1. How to clean artificial turf basically does not require maintenance, but it is easy to accumulate dirt and bacteria, and it is clean and hygienic by rain.

  2. How to clean the artificial turf After the installation is completed, it takes two weeks to strengthen. Do not enter all sports equipment and vehicles during the sports competition. During this time, reduce the number of sweeps and do not clean at high temperatures. Artificial turf is not like natural grass, and it takes several weeks to achieve excellent athletic performance. Not only the grass fiber is required to be strong, but also the particles are properly filled to achieve a time movement.

  3. Rain is an excellent cleaner. It can wash away dust, pollen and other pollutants on the grass. It is necessary to remove the garbage in time to reduce the occurrence of it.

  4. Clean paper, peanut shells, melon seeds, tape, etc. in time after the game. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck in shredded paper, debris, dust, etc.

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