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Pet grass

  If the dogs are used to the natural feeling of natural grass, the artificial turf will be a better choice. The visual and tactile high imitation effect is very real, and your pet will never notice the difference. At the same time, the artificial grass is woven on the plastic base fabric, and the small hole of the base fabric ensures the discharge of urine and water. Today, when your pet is used to natural grasss and natural grasss are fading away, we sincerely recommend the use of artificial turf to replace natural grasss.

  You can enjoy the artificial grass at will, without worrying that the dogs will tear or their excrement and smell will stain your grass. The artificial grass has a strong penetrating power and can quickly discharge the pet's urine and other liquids. It will not leave urine and breed bacteria to cause disease, and it is easy to clean and maintain. More importantly, artificial grass does not cause any harm. You don't need to worry about muddy spots or paw prints anymore, without having to clean the dog before returning to the house. Every day will give you a comfortable, clean home.

  You never have to worry about sun exposure, land agglomeration, mud, just fertilizing and weeding grasses that don't allow pets to play on them. You never have to worry about your dog breaking the grass.

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