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How much is an artificial grass turf per square meter?

  We found that lawn density, lawn height, and lawn quality have a certain impact on the price of artificial grass turf.

  1. The relative density of grass refers to lawn needle position X weaving distance. Needle position refers to the length of stitches of the car stitching thread, generally 3/4 inch, 3/5.5 inch, 5/32 inch, and the weaving distance refers to Under the same needle position, several tufts are knitted within one meter. Generally speaking, the higher the relative density, the higher the price.

  2. Grass height refers to the height of grass filaments on the lawn. The height of lawns in China is generally between 10 cm and 60 cm. The height of grass filaments and the price are also positively correlated. The higher the height, the higher the price.

  3. The quality of the base fabric of the lawn. The base fabric of the lawn is also called the bottom end, which refers to the piece of grass silk woven at the bottom by hand. The better the quality of the base fabric, the more durable it is and the more expensive it is.

  Generally speaking, artificial grass turf generally ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan per square meter. Natural lawns use many super glues, which are also plastic products. Golden Moon suggests that everyone should not pay too much attention to low-priced lawns. After all, fake and inferior artificial lawns are also very harmful to the human body.

  This article is edited and published by Golden Moon Artificial Grass Turf, please feel free to contact us for more inquiries and orders.

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