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Ways to clean up artificial grass in daily life

  Ways to clean up artificial grass in daily life

  1. Objects such as paraffin, cypress and bitumen should be wiped vigorously or wiped with sponge dipped in perchloroethylene on the artificial grass turf.

  2, leather shoe polish, sunscreen oil, ballpoint pen refill oil, etc., can be dipped in sponge with perchloroethylene to wipe the artificial turf, and use a strong absorbent cotton towel to absorb it.

  3. Paints, architectural coatings, etc., can be wiped with banana water or paint remover, decontamination with cleaning liquid and water, and then cleaned with cold water, and wiped vigorously, and wipe with a sponge dipped in perchlorozene.

  4. Bubble gum can be sprayed with cold coal into a small piece before removing the sediment.

  5. Bacteria or mildew can be poured into the water with 1% hydrogen peroxide. After wiping the artificial turf, it is completely soaked in tap water.

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