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How to choose artificial turf for kindergarten?

  Artificial turf can be divided into landscape artificial turf and sports artificial turf according to its use. The condition of the kindergarten site is quite special. The artificial lawn of the kindergarten needs to have the basic motor function in addition to the demand, and it must also achieve the necessary decoration effect. Its purpose is to ensure the fundamental protection, but also to beautify the kindergarten environment, giving children a comfortable and safe learning and activity environment. With the continuous improvement of the skills of artificial turf, the artificial turf of the kindergarten is getting closer to the actual needs of the kindergarten in terms of function and appearance. The appearance is vivid, the lawn is vivid, the lawn is diversified, and it is increasingly favored by the majority of parents and children. One of the elements that parents measure the basic equipment of the kindergarten.

  Artificial kindergarten lawn grass shape: mesh.

  Artificial kindergarten lawn features: It is dense, can be seen from the picture below, can not see the gap between the grass, or the gap between them is very small. The high density of the lawn ensures the flexibility of the soles and the comfort of the movement. Of course, the thicker the lawn, the more secure the child is.

  Artificial kindergarten lawn height: from 10mm to 13mm. Can be customized according to actual requirements. Generally used such lawns have a height of 10 mm, and the corresponding density is 54,000 clusters/square meter, which is relatively common. It can also be encrypted according to actual requirements, and the encrypted lawn can achieve about 70,000-80 million/square meter.

  Artificial kindergarten lawn color: can be green, red and white. The time of use advocates red and white blending to make the runway, and the others are mainly green. The scale of the runway is generally not less than 1 m in width, and the length can be set according to the detailed location. The number of runways varies from one to four. The detailed map of the forehead of the kindergarten can be provided in detail, and the plan can be set according to the detailed situation.

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