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Kindergarten artificial turf advantage

  Kindergarten artificial turf can now be used on different bases, and its quality requirements are not high, and it is not afraid of cracking. Even if it is used for a long time, there is no problem of foaming and delamination, which is simple and economical. And the kindergarten artificial turf protection is simple, the protection cost is low, the dust can be removed by flushing with water, and it has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation.

  From the appearance, the kindergarten artificial lawn is very realistic and looks pretty. And now the various types of styles on the market are very rich, users can choose according to their own needs. The overall layout of this lawn is very beautiful and can be reused. The general service life can reach more than ten years, and it can be used continuously throughout the day.

  More importantly, the kindergarten artificial turf has a high utilization rate and has excellent shock absorption effect, which is safe to use. It is also flexible and has good flame retardant properties. It is very suitable for campus use and is very suitable for children to play and play. This kind of lawn has a satisfying cushioning force, which reduces the damage that can be caused by the hard ground, so that you have no concerns about the site.

  Not only that, but nowadays in the production of kindergarten artificial turf, the raw materials used are all environmentally friendly materials, and the artificial grass surface layer can be recycled and reused. The roots are laid using the original excavated spoil and sand to meet the principle of waste reduction and the use of natural materials.

  After the kindergarten artificial turf is laid as required, it can be planned as a uniform plane, and this new structure has the function of shock absorption and decompression, which reduces the noise on the playground and reduces interference to the class. In addition, the artificial turf marking of the kindergarten is directly compiled, and it is not required to be troubled by frequent scribing, and the protection and maintenance are simple, and there is no follow-up repair cost.

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