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How to install artificial grass on dirt

  As artificial grass turf is becoming more and more popular in life, it is used in the decoration market and leisure venues in addition to football, rugby, hockey, golf and other venues. In particular, some household leisure artificial grass turf is recognized by the public, because the artificial grass turf of the home is simple to install, and it is completely possible to buy it by DIY. It is because the paving is simple, so it is more and more popular. Although the artificial grass turf for home installation is simple, the basic steps are still necessary. Let's Golden Moon share the construction steps below!

  Step 1: Before installation, some weeds and garbage should be cleaned up in the paved site. If it is not cleaned, it may cause the life and overall beauty of the artificial grass turf.

  Step 2: After cleaning, you need to use some gravel powder or coarse sand to flatten the whole ground. This will ensure the smoothness of the site and help the laying of artificial grass turf.

  Step 3: After leveling the site, it is necessary to compact the entire site with heavy objects. If possible, sprinkle some water, which makes it easier to compact the ground. There is also the need to evenly compact, otherwise, it may cause unevenness of the site, easy to accumulate water, which will lead to degumming of artificial grass.

  Step 4: Use the tape measure to measure the size and size of the site, cut the artificial grass turf that was bought back, spread the artificial grass turf in the direction of the lawn, and then trim the corners of each area.

  Step 5: Use the connecting belt and glue to splicing the lawn and the lawn. After the glue is dry, inject the quartz sand. The artificial grass turf of the household generally does not need to fill too much quartz sand, about a square injection. It can be around 6KG.

  Step 6: The combed sand is evenly combed back and forth with the comb, and the two-thirds of the straw is the height of the grass. After the combing is smooth, the whole process is completed.

  This article is edited and published by Golden Moon Artificial Grass Turf, please feel free to contact us for more inquiries and orders.

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