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How to DIY artificial grass turf at home?

  With the increasing popularity of artificial grass turf, their applications in daily life are increasing. Many people will directly buy artificial grass turf online according to their needs, and install it by themselves when they come back. The artificial grass turf purchased for different venues and needs will be different, and the installation method will also be different. Golden Moon artificial grass turf will show you how to DIY and install it after purchasing artificial grass turf.

  1. If the ground foundation is soft soil, it is best to compact it before construction to avoid problems such as muddy water seepage after rain.

  2. Open the outer packaging of the artificial grass turf, pay attention to removing the fixing parts of the encapsulated turf, and then unfold the turf.

  3. Use a utility knife to cut off the extra edge cloth except for the grass on the edge of the lawn.

  4. Turn over the edges of the two rolls of lawn, and spread the connecting belt where the middle overlaps.

  5. Cut off the connection belt, pour the glue directly on the connection belt, and spread it evenly with a scraper.

  6. After waiting for a certain period of time, the glue dries slightly to form a certain adhesive force, and cover the artificial grass turf to fix it.

  7. After connecting several pieces of artificial grass turf with the above method, cover the entire field with the turf, and then use a utility knife to cut off the edge of the turf according to the outline of the field.

  8. If necessary, fix the lawn with tack nails around the artificial lawn.

  9. Clean up the residue on site and check if there are any sharp objects left.

  10. The outdoor artificial lawn is filled with a certain amount of quartz sand to make the lawn more textured. According to the use situation, suitable outdoor activities can be carried out.

  This article is edited and published by Golden Moon Artificial Grass Turf, please feel free to contact us for more inquiries and orders.

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