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How to lay artificial turf properly

  Many people think that the level of artificial turf experience depends on the quality of the turf. In fact, it is not that the quality of the artificial turf is closely related to the later viewing and experience, but whether the turf is laid is not reasonable or important. The impact of the unreasonable laying method is as follows:

  1. The site where the artificial turf is laid must meet certain requirements of flatness and compactness. If the requirements are not met, the laying effect of the artificial turf will be affected;

  2. At the joint surface of the lawn, a special lap cloth should be paved and fixed with steel nails. The steel nail head should not be raised. Otherwise, the contact between the lap cloth and the turf will not be dense, and the bonding is not firm;

  3. For paving the lawn, use artificial glue for artificial turf. Do not use inferior glue. Otherwise, the turf will crack and fall off in a short period of time, especially in the rainy southern region. The most important point is that the glue is environmentally friendly. Affect the physical and mental health of you and your family;

  4. The glue should be thin and even, and the glue should not be applied repeatedly. Otherwise, bubbles will appear, the bond will not be strong, and even fall;

  5. It is necessary to clean the bottom surface of the bonded turf, lap cloth, etc., and the surface is dry and waterless. The adhesive should not be exposed for a long time. The construction temperature is preferably above 5 degrees. It is not suitable for rain and mild rain. Otherwise, Will lead to too long bonding time and bond strength is not up to standard, and even cause non-stick phenomenon.

  Before the construction, the jointed lawn should be cut flush, the joint should not be larger than 3mm, and the bonding glue under the cutting area should be bonded with the lap joint. After drying, the joint is bonded and knocked firmly. After bonding, the quartz sand is not filled. The rubber pellets were cleaned before the site, and the artificial turf and the reasonable construction complemented each other, and the two were perfectly matched.

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