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The value characteristics of artificial flowers

  Practical value, because the opening of flowers is more than ten days and a half, and two days and three days, the eyes are fading, can only become an instant memory, and maintain cleaning troubles. The emergence and application of artificial flowers meets people's requirements for the timeliness of flower viewing, and the life of flower works can be extended.

  Artistic value is now, generations yearn for nature, the pursuit of the art of life, the pursuit of comfort and coziness, artificial flowers have been greatly improved in the quality of materials, pure computer spectrum, printing and molding. The artificial flower name has the same name as the imitation flower body, and the stem, leaf and flower made of the polymer resin are used after special bright surface treatment and matte treatment. In the use of flowers, paper flowers, hand-rolled flowers, silk flowers, forged flowers, and wheat-flowers are the main products. In the field of floral design, artificial flowers occupy an extremely important part and are widely used in the commercial field.

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