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How to maintain rattan furniture

  First of all, the selection of rattan furniture is special, to avoid direct sunlight, to prevent the vine from fading and drying, and prolonged exposure will be prone to deformation, bending and cracking.

  Secondly, the rattan furniture cannot be close to the fire source to avoid deformation and damage;

  Thirdly, due to the weaving method of rattan furniture, there are many places where the surface is dusty. Generally, the cleaning can be done first with a vacuum cleaner, then wipe it with a damp cloth, or use a soft brush to dust first from inside to outside. Wipe it off, then wipe it off with a damp cloth, preferably a soft rag. Fourth, rattan furniture needs to be decontaminated with light salt water after a period of use, while also enhancing its flexibility;

  The furniture refurbishment can be used to clean the rattan frame of the rattan furniture with a sandpaper, and a layer of varnish protection can be used.

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