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Pet artificial turf

  Artificial turf will become the favorite of dogs. Pets usually like soft and comfortable lawns and can play as much as possible. Now that dogs are used to the natural feel of natural grass, artificial turf will be your better choice. The visual of pet artificial turf And the tactile high imitation effect is so real that your pet won't notice the difference. At the same time, artificial grass is woven on a plastic backing. The small holes in the backing ensure the discharge of urine and water. It has good water permeability. Urine and other wastes generated by pets on the lawn can be automatically eliminated to avoid some odors. .

  You can enjoy artificial grass at will without worrying about dogs tearing or their feces and odors staining your lawn, leaving no urine and breeding bacteria to cause diseases, and easy to clean and maintain. Regarding the problem of cleaning dog artificial turf, many people will have this question! In fact, the cleaning of pet artificial turf is very simple and convenient, it only needs to be washed directly with water.

  As your pets are used to natural lawns, and natural lawns are disappearing, Golden Moon recommends using artificial lawns instead of natural lawns. Laying artificial turf in your own garden, natural turf will inevitably require the use of pesticides or herbicides for maintenance, and these may harm pets and even endanger the lives of pets, but artificial turf does not need to worry about these problems, maintenance also No chemicals are needed, and artificial turf does not hurt. You no longer need to worry about muddy spots or paw prints, and you don't need to wash your dog before returning to the house. Every day will give you a comfortable and tidy home.

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