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Advantages of using artificial turf in cold winter

  Artificial turf is used more and more, especially in the cold winter. In general, natural lawns become lifeless in winter. Natural grasses cannot be used normally in high and cold climates. In winter, we often cannot see a trace of green in the surroundings. Advantage.

  All-weather: It is basically not affected by the climate, which greatly improves the efficiency of the site, and can be used in extreme weather such as high and low temperatures.

  Evergreen: After the natural grass enters the dormant period, artificial grass can still bring you spring-like feeling.

  Simulation: Artificial grass is produced using the principle of bionics. The non-directional nature and hardness of the turf makes the user have no big difference between the activity and the natural grass.

  Durability: durable, not easy to fade, especially suitable for primary and secondary school venues with high frequency of use.

  Economy: Simple construction, can be laid on asphalt, cement, hard sand sites, and basically no maintenance costs.

  Sports comfort: All values ​​of artificial turf are close to or exceed those of natural turf. Athletes can play on artificial turf to the fullest without worrying about skin burns and joint damage.

  Long-lasting durability: Artificial turf can resist UV, wind, rain and other harsh external conditions for a long time, and can be used frequently around the clock.

  Widely used: artificial turf can be used in different school sports fields, stadiums and leisure landscaping.

  Easy maintenance: artificial turf can be used for a long time after laying, without tedious maintenance work, and almost zero maintenance costs.

  High cold resistance: artificial turf can be used normally in an environment not lower than -40 ° C.

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