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Some signs of artificial turf aging

  Artificial turf prone to aging in the course of the phenomenon, after all, artificial turf is the life and duration, and we know that the artificial turf aging is uncontrollable, but we can determine the aging of a number of ways to extend Its service life and duration. Today, the Golden Moon Lawn for everyone a simple example of 5 artificial turf to determine the characteristics of aging:

  1.This is also one of the most obvious characteristics of artificial turf to judge the aging of artificial turf. Generally, artificial turf in soccer fields will have such problems in the process of using. Some of the most frequently used school venues are the most Obviously, high-intensity competition and prolonged use of artificial turf greatly accelerated the life of the diamond, if better quality diamond monofilament, the wear resistance is relatively better, there will be less fluff and pilling situation.

  2.Grass fiber from the gum off This is also a more obvious aging characteristics, resulting artificial grass turf fiber off with the production process, the end of fabric, glue quality has a certain relationship, but these quality but directly affect the life of artificial turf and speed up Aging speed.

  3.There are several reasons why grass fiber faded and faded. There are several reasons for the fading of grass fiber. One of the reasons is that the quality of grass fiber is unqualified, such as the aging inhibitor and the production process are poor. The other is environmental factors, such as ultraviolet radiation in some areas Strong, acid rain, industrial pollution, etc .; the third is the quality of supplementary materials, polluting the grass caused fade and fade grass fibers.

  4.Artificial turf at the end of the cloth is corrupt at the end of the cloth is the most basic characteristics of artificial turf aging, the end of the general use of PP is the bottom of the basement, the football stadium are outdoor sun and rain, prolonged use can also cause the end of fabric cracking, plus Some sites on the basis of poor overall drainage, soak in the water for a long time at the end of cloth, will cause the corruption of the end of the cloth.

  5.Artificial turf splicing gap more and more Everyone knows that the connection between the lawn are spliced ​​by the connection, glued artificial turf glue, but after all, the artificial turf raw material is PE, coupled with a long time stampede and use, Mosaic at the gap is also growing more normal situation. It is also an indication of artificial turf aging.

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