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Are artificial turf poisonous?

  Artificial turf material is mainly polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene, etc., are chemical products, more intuitive to say that our daily life is the most common plastic, such as plastic pots, plastic barrels, etc., the current artificial turf material and more polyethylene And mainly polypropylene. Experts point out that from the material itself, artificial turf is non-toxic, no toxic gases after heating. These raw materials are all test reports.

  Now the finished artificial turf produced must be tested. Detection of anti-aging, heavy metal is excessive and other related content. Businesses are also focusing on product safety and environmental protection.

  For the purchase of businesses, but also pay attention not to pay attention to cost-effective, to maximize profits. Good quality products, high prices This is a truth you and I understand, so in the control of the basis of safety and environmental protection to the pursuit of the maximum profit, so you buy the artificial turf products you have security, just rest assured.

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