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The big role of landscape artificial turf

  Landscape artificial turf has high density and is more comfortable to the touch than real grass. At present, the use of landscape artificial turf is also very extensive, such as residential greening, villa greening, roof greening, landscaping, etc., all need to decorate landscape artificial turf.

  Landscape artificial turf has a high density, adopts the principle of bionics, and has a high degree of simulation. The visual effect is no different from real grass, and the touch is more comfortable than real grass. Of course, different site landscape greening requires different artificial turf parameters: for example, if artificial turf is to be used for roof greening, the grass should not be too high, while amusement park greening requires high-density artificial turf to increase the softness of the lawn Spend.

  Golden Moon landscape artificial turf has passed SIRA and SGS certification and does not contain harmful substances, such as heavy metals and formaldehyde. Landscape artificial turf has a good beautification effect. Landscape artificial turf is made of harmless raw material grass silk, the quality is up to the standard, the water permeability is good, and the decontamination performance is strong. All landscape artificial turf products have passed the quality inspection. Whether it is on highways or ordinary road sections, there are some foundations that are difficult to plant natural turf, while landscape artificial turf does not require any growth environment and can be laid on any road section. Landscape artificial turf paving increases the green area of ​​cities and roads, and becomes a beautiful landscape of urban greening.

  Golden Moon landscape artificial turf can be laid on sidewalks and other roads for greening. Road greening has the following three points:

  1. Modification function. The landscape artificial turf has a simple and beautiful appearance, can be integrated with the surrounding environment, and has a decorative effect.

  2. Guardrail and sign function. Landscape artificial turf is natural green and plays a role in road planning, while "green" has the function of guardrails and guiding sight.

  3. Environmental protection function. The landscape artificial turf material has been subjected to physical high temperature treatment, which is harmless to the environment.

  Golden Moon landscape artificial turf is widely used in road greening advantages:

  1. The qualified rate of landscape artificial turf is high, the shipment speed is fast, and the order is completed within the specified time.

  2. Landscape artificial turf is produced with harmless raw materials, and each process has inspectors.

  3. Produce landscape artificial turf according to relevant standards.

  Golden Moon landscape artificial turf is produced according to specifications due to its raw materials and auxiliary materials. Therefore, the quality of landscape artificial turf is relatively high in the industry. Landscape artificial turf has a long service life, and imported high-anti-ultraviolet raw materials are added to resist aging. Generally, the service life of landscape artificial turf exceeds 8 years. In addition, the landscape artificial turf used for road greening has a short construction period, is easy to maintain and has low maintenance costs.

  This article is edited and published by Golden Moon Artificial Grass, please feel free to contact us for more inquiries and orders.

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