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The feasibility of greening artificial landscape turf roof

  Artificial landscape turf can be used alone or with some plants for decoration, thereby reducing the amount of soil required and reducing the load. After laying, the waterproof layer will not be damaged, because the artificial grass does not need watering, fertilization, etc., on the contrary, it can also play a certain protective role.

  The artificial landscape turf has the functions of heat insulation, heat preservation and noise reduction. The main body of the roof greening uses artificial grass, which not only achieves the purpose of beautification and greening, but also achieves a certain degree of functionality.

  Artificial landscape turf is inexpensive, easy to pave, and there is no need to consider pests and future maintenance issues. It can be an evergreen plant without management, and its appearance is very similar to natural grass, and it can be washed with natural rainwater. Moreover, it has a longer service life and is more cost-effective than real grass.

  At the same time, it should be reminded that the greening and paving of artificial grass roofs needs to be within the carrying capacity of the building roof.

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