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The excessive safety of synthetic artificial grass causes its color difference

  The excessive safety of synthetic artificial grass causes its color difference.

  In the whole process of dismantling and replacing the new material, the tailings in the extruder screw cannot be immediately cleaned and tidy. If the two phases are mixed, it will be at a certain level. The above urges the composition and setting of the seasoning to cause its error. There are many chromatic aberrations in the straight wire of synthetic artificial grass. The key is that the straight wire has its own chromatic aberration among the few grass wires. In the whole process of application, it is usually because the wire is sprayed during the whole process of metal drawing of the grass wire. There may be some problems with the setting of the plate mouth, supporting force, and traction belt roller.

  The bending of the tip of the synthetic artificial grass will cause the color difference in the visual effect. The bending of the grass is generally caused by the inconsistent shrinkage of the straight grass. The shrinkage of the grass can be adjusted according to the temperature of the drying box. Reasonable shaping drying oven temperature and annealing process ratio to complete. The chromatic aberration caused by the unreasonable twist of the synthetic artificial grass, the twisted yarn of the grass yarn is twisted once, and the number of twists per unit length is called the twist. The key is that the twist direction means that the chemical fiber of the grass yarn can be The skewed orientation shown.

  The unevenness of the synthetic artificial grass is caused by the unevenness of the curved wire. The uneven curvature of the grass wire will cause unevenness of the grass surface at a certain level, so that the unevenness of the product will lead to the color difference of the visual effect, and the curvature of the curved wire grass. Be sure to stipulate symmetrical consistency.

  There are many stages that cause the quality of synthetic artificial grass, and there are also many problems. Among them, color aberration is a relatively common quality problem of synthetic artificial grass products, and color aberration also has a variety of main expression methods. The main reason for the color difference is that the raw material of the grass silk does not meet the standards or the processing technology of the production equipment does not meet the standards, or the technical quality of the production process does not meet the standards.

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