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What factors affect the price of artificial turf?

  What factors affect the price of artificial turf?

  1. Artificial turf materials.

  Artificial turf is composed of grass silk, adhesive, and base cloth. The selection of raw materials at each link can best reflect the principle of price and goods. The quality of the raw materials reflects the cost and determines the artificial quality of the lawn. And the quality obviously determines the price of artificial turf. The raw materials of grass filaments are PP and PE, and PP and PE, as common plastic raw materials in daily life, have huge differences in quality. If artificial turf is produced with inferior raw materials, especially containing certain heavy metal substances, the result is not only that the use is far from being up to standard, it may also endanger human and environmental safety.

  2. Artificial turf parameters.

  The basic parameters of artificial turf grass are three: density, grass height and fineness. These three data are directly proportional to the price of artificial turf. The higher the density, the higher the grass height, and the larger the fineness, the higher the price. Density and grass height as the name implies, easy to understand. Fineness (dtex) is a more professional concept. Dtex is the international unit of fiber fineness. The turf fraction of artificial turf refers to the weight of 10,000 meters long grass. The larger the grams, the thicker the grass. The thicker the grass, the higher the price.

  3. Starting weight.

  The increase in the quantity affects the price of artificial turf, and the reason is not just what people think is usually small profits but high profits. If there is no special reason for the lawn production equipment, it usually runs on a shaft. Stopping and restarting the machine requires a lot of manpower and material resources. Therefore, when a new order needs to replace different proportions of raw materials, the subsequent filling of raw materials into the machine will Some of the previous raw materials are mixed together, causing losses and increasing costs.

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