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What kind of maintenance is needed for artificial turf in summer?

  When the summer weather is hot, the surface temperature of the artificial turf is relatively high. It does not think that natural grass can absorb heat to achieve the cooling effect. After all, the artificial turf is a PE polyethylene raw material, but the artificial turf will increase the thermal effect after high temperature exposure. Playing in such a high temperature environment is very easy to cause physical discomfort to the athletes, thereby reducing the quality and fun of the game.

  Therefore, reducing the surface temperature of artificial turf is an important step in summer maintenance. Nowadays, the temperature is generally reduced by spraying water on the site. This method is more effective so far. Including the professional league game, the surface temperature will be lowered by spraying water on the site. However, the spray must be uniform and not too much, and it can be sprayed to the site to be wet.

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