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Why the hotel is more suitable for artificial turf

  Not difficult to find, compared to the golf course, the hotel is more suitable for artificial turf, while the golf course is better with real grass. The reason for this can be explained from three perspectives, one user base, the second is the shoes, the third is the professional level.

  You know, the hotel and the golf course to face the user base is different, the hotel guests to visit, the majority of meetings; and golf course guests is to play for the intent. Therefore, the use of real grass golf course, and the hotel should even select the artificial turf as the ground.

  It is precisely because the real grass golf course is more delicate, so the usual shoes or sneakers is not suitable, so some golf courses have a mandatory requirement, guests must wear studded golf shoes to be allowed to end. The hotel even if there are golf courses, it is also used as recreational facilities, so the artificial turf on it.

  Mainly because artificial turf does not require shoes, and its stability is better, coupled with longer useful life, so that every hobby guests can feel the charm of golf at any time, greatly improving the guests satisfaction with the hotel degree.

  Another point is that the suitable professional level is different. The artificial turf is suitable for both professionals and non-professionals. However, the real grass is not suitable for non-professionals and it is easy to leave a deep scratch on the venue. It's hard to fix.

  From all these points, it has been proven that artificial turf can be more suitable than real grass, whether it is suitable for guests or not.

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