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What should you not do with artificial grass?

While artificial grass is a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass, there are certain things you should avoid to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Here are some things you should not do with artificial grass:

  1. Avoid sharp objects: Refrain from using sharp objects or tools on the artificial turf, as they can cause cuts or damage to the surface. This includes knives, scissors, or other sharp implements.

  2. Don't use harsh chemicals: Avoid using strong chemicals, such as solvents, bleach, or pesticides, on artificial grass. These substances can cause discoloration, degradation, or other forms of damage.

  3. Keep away from hot objects: Avoid placing hot objects, such as barbecues or hot grills, directly on the artificial turf. The heat can melt or deform the synthetic fibers, causing irreparable damage.

  4. No smoking: Discourage smoking on or near the artificial grass. Cigarette burns can cause permanent damage, and the smell can be challenging to remove.

  5. Limit heavy furniture: While artificial grass can withstand some weight, avoid placing heavy furniture or objects on it for an extended period. This can lead to indentations or uneven surfaces.

  6. Avoid parking vehicles: Do not park vehicles on artificial grass, as the weight and pressure can damage the fibers and the underlying base.

  7. Keep sharp objects off the turf: Ensure that children or pets do not play with sharp toys or tools on the artificial grass, as they can cause punctures or tears.

  8. Limit use of reflective surfaces: Avoid using highly reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or glass, near the artificial grass. These surfaces can intensify sunlight and potentially damage or melt the turf.

  9. Be cautious with pet waste: While artificial grass is pet-friendly and easy to clean, prompt removal of pet waste is essential to prevent odors and potential staining. Use a mild, non-toxic cleaner for cleaning.

  10. Avoid improper installation: Ensure that the artificial grass is installed properly according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Improper installation can lead to issues such as wrinkles, uneven surfaces, or poor drainage.

Following these guidelines will help maintain the appearance and functionality of your artificial grass over time. Always refer to the specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer for your particular product.


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