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Artificial Pet Grass Mat Series PE Artificial Turf

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  • 1. Size of the Small artificial grass turf
  • 2. GOLDEN MOON artificial grass pet turf is made of an innoxious masterbatch which is antibacterial so that it is 100% friendly for your pets.
  • 3. The soft and lush grass mat is easy to be cleaned by rinsing with mild detergent and fresh water which helps to save your time and money.
  • 4. Ideal artificial turf can be used for dogs for housebreaking as well as the puppy dog potty patch replacement mat due to its great drainage system which allows liquid waste to drain through. (Tips: please train your furry friend with more patience as it may not like the grass turf at the beginning.)
  • 5. ATTENTION: Please shake the grass turf several times and put it in the ventilated place for few days before use as the new product may have a slight odor and the edge may have a little bit hemp.

GOLDEN MOON Potty Tray Replacement Turf

The exclusively custom GOLDEN MOON artificial grass is used for your pets with high permeability and antibacterial which is able to protect your pet¡¯s skin from bacteria interference.

Grass Potty is a revolutionary indoor bathroom for dogs. Many veterinarians say this is a "must-have" product for dog owners. They allow dogs to relieve themselves instead of holding it when their owner is unable to make it home to let them out at the designated times. So, the dog doesn't have to feel added discomfort. It is also a great option for hazardous weather conditions when it is unsafe to take your dog outside.

There are three sizes: 25"x32", 20"x25" and 15"x25" which can be used for different size of dogs. Perfect for patios and indoor use. Great use when your pet can't go outside. Pet training is not easy. The anti-microbial grass is odor resistant. It's always a great idea to have some replaced turf on hand to help with the cleaning process.

Our pet potty is made of the soft and artificial grass which looks and feels real, it is specifically designed to help liquid flow through. It's an ideal training tool for your puppy, and also great for helping an older dog which is unable to go to the outside bathroom.

NOTE: Do not use harsh detergents for turf. Hand wash or brush with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid or soapy water, and rinse thoroughly is enough. Let turf air dry fully before replacing in the tray. Turf is not machine washable. Do not place turf in a washing machine or dryer. Now, you can rest assured to let your dog play at home and don't have to worry about it will dirty the home.

NOTE: There will be some grass come off around the edge because of the cutting reason. This is a normal phenomenon!

GOLDEN MOON-Brand And Safety Certificate