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Roof lawn construction process

  The light roof landscaping or pure ecological roof beautification is also known as the roof lawn. The roof lawn has lower requirements for roof load, and the added amount is <30~70kg/m2, which is suitable for all kinds of roofs. It can achieve the effect of agile creation and immediate results; it is simple to handle, low cost of creation and maintenance, and only needs moderate irrigation after construction to maintain outstanding scenery effect; the ecological effect is very obvious, so in the cities with more original buildings The roof lawn is more suitable for large-scale promotion and application.

  The roof lawn construction procedure is as follows:

  Query bearing capacity: The roof load capacity is ≥70kg per square meter, which can be implemented.

  Closed water test: Clean the roof, after the water test, the roof will not leak water before entering the next process. If the roof leaks, you must first make a waterproof layer.

  The paving of the road and the drainage outlet: according to the design drawing, the drainage is fixed, the building is covered by the fence and the working channel, especially the flow of water and the smoothness of the outlet.

  Laying the sliding layer separately: Cover the cultivation enclosure with special plastic cloth and non-woven fabric, the overlap width is more than 10cm, and extend to the fence, which is the same height as the fence brick. To select a suitable non-woven fabric, pay attention to the specifications of the non-woven fabric.

  Laying a light nutrient matrix: the thickness is 8cm~10cm; the matrix should be made according to the climatic conditions of each place, and the appropriate ratio can be obtained from the experiment.

  Plant cultivation: The roof lawn should use sedum plants, such as Buddha grass, drought-tolerant, high temperature resistance, good water-saving performance, cold-resistant in winter, round roots, and maintenance. Mixed with sedum plants, the landscape is richer and more resistant, and it is the preferred plant population for roof lawns. The newly planted grass has a slow seedling and rooting moment. Spring construction is the best; summer construction has certain difficulties, the construction volume is the largest; autumn needs to catch the early and middle seasons; autumn construction is also possible; winter is not convenient for construction.

  The recovery period is maintained for approximately 30 days. Two aspects are particularly important in maintenance: one is to pour enough spring irrigation to make the artificial turf smoothly return to green; the other is to pour the frozen water, which is conducive to the safe winter of the lawn.

  Finish cleaning the construction site.

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