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5 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular as many homeowners and businesses are turning to it. Mainly used for outdoor purposes, its special design allows it to withstand rain and other sources of moisture. This natural grass substitute, which requires minimal maintenance and has low upkeep costs, is changing the landscaping game. It does not require watering or mowing and is perfect for children and pets to use.

When it comes to artificial grass, there are many things you might not know. We have compiled some interesting facts about artificial grass and its applicability in both homes and commercial settings. From fascinating facts to simply amazing benefits, low maintenance and return on investment are huge draws for consumers. However, there are some things you might not know, and now it's time for you to learn the 5 surprising things you might not know about artificial grass!


1.Artificial grass is like carpeting

For several reasons, this is surprising. Artificial grass is very similar to carpeting. If you think about it, artificial grass is actually an outdoor carpet that allows water to flow through.
If you have purchased some before, you may notice it being described in carpet terms. "Pile height" refers to the length of the blades from the backing to the surface. Like carpeting, there are different pile heights and weights to choose from to suit your new artificial grass lawn's application. In high-traffic areas like showrooms and golf courses, shorter, denser pile heights are perfect for a more professional look. However, longer pile heights provide a plush and luxurious feel, offering more cushioning underfoot for play areas and gardens.

The synthetic grass "yarn" is made from plastic polymers, and in fact, many are produced in carpet factories due to their similarity. These synthetic fibers also mean that most artificial grass has a natural low-allergenic quality, so you won't have to worry about hay fever and can relax and enjoy your garden all year round.


2.It's more popular than you think

While the trend is still growing in the US, artificial grass has taken the nation by storm. A recent survey of 1,000 homeowners yielded some surprising results: over a quarter of respondents said they have replaced their traditional lawns with artificial grass. What does this mean? Those lush, green gardens Americans are planting? They're fake. Well, at least 25% of them are. Even more surprising is the reason for the switch: yard maintenance. It's the top reason. Most of these people say they simply don't have time to mow their lawns - can you blame them?

High-quality artificial grass, such as that sold by Golden Moon, can last for years, so you can continue to enjoy all that saved time. And it looks just as lush and green as a natural lawn throughout that time. You don't have to spend hours mowing, watering, or fertilizing. With all the money you'll save, your new grass will eventually pay for itself, and then some!

In addition to its excellent low-maintenance features, customers also love artificial grass because it can maximize their garden space. Installing a patio or deck in your garden usually means sacrificing some space. By laying artificial grass on your floor or soil, you can fully enjoy everything your garden has to offer and provide more safe running space for your children and pets.


3.There are plenty of options

"Gone are the days of unrealistic looking artificial grass. The advancement of technology and manufacturing means that when it comes to choosing an artificial lawn, there are plenty of options available.
There are different types of artificial grass and installations: filled, non-filled, sports, and hybrid.

Filled grass has a material added on top to weigh down the grass and keep the grass blades upright.
Non-filled grass doesn't require material to be added on top and is secured in place.
Sports grass is usually longer and has additional performance infill to support players running around.
Hybrid grass is a mixture of real and fake grass, with the fake grass stitched into the real grass.


4.You see more than you imagine

Artificial grass is common in American sports stadiums that host NFL games, but it's also prevalent in British football grounds with most top-tier Premier League clubs playing on artificial turf.
In other words, artificial grass is not just for football clubs, it's often found in golf courses, game centers, dog centers, showrooms...almost anywhere! This type of grass is truly versatile - it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is suitable for residential and commercial environments.

You might also see grass that isn't always green! With artificial grass, your imagination is the limit. If you want a bright and quirky floor, nothing is stopping you. There are artificial grasses in various colors, from orange to blue and purple. Lively grass is perfect for creating a fun and playful environment, which is particularly effective in play centers and children's bedrooms.


5.Environmentally friendly

While artificial grass is made of synthetic materials, it's actually more environmentally friendly than natural grass in many ways. We've already mentioned how the lower maintenance requirements of artificial turf can save you time, but have you considered the environmental benefits?
Homeowners who plant natural grass know the struggle of keeping it green, spending hours and hundreds of dollars every year on watering, seeding, and fertilizing, all to end up with an uneven lawn. The beauty of artificial grass is that it doesn't require any of this. Your artificial lawn will remain pristine year-round, using less water and with no chemicals entering the ecosystem, while providing a safer playing environment for your children and pets.

As you can see, there are many ways in which artificial grass is superior to natural grass, so why not make the switch?



We hope this article has taught you some new knowledge about artificial grass, or perhaps reinforced why artificial grass is indeed the way forward.

If you want to learn more about artificial grass, please check out some of our other interesting blogs, or speak with one of our knowledgeable teams!

We're happy to answer any of your questions and hope that you will consider us as your choice for purchasing high-quality artificial grass.

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