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Advantages of artificial turf

  The color of the artificial turf can be very close to the natural lawn, which is one of its own advantages. In addition, it also has good drainage performance. When faced with heavy rain, he can still absorb the grass quickly. Moisture, and it lasts longer, does not require manual special maintenance, as long as there is no external force, pull the grass, then it will not cause problems. If the artificial turf itself needs to meet the needs of sports, then it is more inclined to choose artificial turf. Although he can not carry out photosynthesis, unlike natural lawns, it can absorb carbon dioxide in the air, but it will not produce harmful. The proportion of gas is in a balanced state, but it can prevent the spread of dust. In some places, the dust is too serious, because the grass does not play a role in blocking dust.

  Choosing a better quality lawn, even in high temperature conditions or in outdoor high temperatures, will not occur, the problem of turf damage, because they will be preferred when designing materials at the very beginning. Lawn that can maintain shape at high temperatures. Moreover, because the temperature is too high, harmful gases are generated and the air quality is affected.

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