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Advantages of artificial turf use

  Artificial turf has the appearance of bright, seasons green, vivid, good drainage performance, long life, low maintenance costs.

  Artificial turf sports system on the basis of the quality requirements are mainly concentrated in three areas: hardness, flatness and drainage slope.

  Commonly used artificial grass foundation in three categories: asphalt foundation, cement foundation, gravel foundation, which type is mainly used by the local climate and budget, time, the asphalt foundation is particularly suitable for the northern temperature difference and the winter low temperature climate, At the same time, because of its high cost, it is not the most suitable foundation type for the warm and humid environment. Because of its simple construction, low cost and rapid drainage, the gravel foundation is more common in the south, but because of its poor rigidity and rigidity, Therefore, in most of the country, the cement concrete foundation has become an economical and practical type of artificial grass foundation with very high cost performance. Double and sport based on rich artificial grass system experience.

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