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Artificial grass don't do harm

Artificial grass is made of non-toxic polymer material, bacteria, mold, and virus are difficult to parasitize. When laying artificial grass, the direct contact between the human body and soil surface is isolated to prevent soil pollution to the human body. It is very popular because of its short construction cycle, long service life and little cost of follow-up maintenance.

For artificial grass, the material is mainly polyethylene, will not cause harm, not to mention primary schools, many kindergartens in use. The products are also exported, which are certified by professional research institutions. This kind of kindergarten artificial grass can be directly laid on cement, asphalt or even hard sand. Just put it on a little glue, and in a few days, the taste will be gone. If the child is just jumping on it, there's no problem. The products made of polyethylene are used a lot in life. We can't deny them because they have some shortcomings. As long as the school playground complies with the relevant regulations, there will be no major problem.

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