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Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago
Artificial grass landscape looks INCREDIBLY REAL!!

  Wow! When you walk past my house, you have to do a double-take. This turf looks BEAUTIFUL!

  I’m trying to restore a 1935 Craftsman and wanted grass - but live in California where water is a premium. Everyone around me has either rock gardens or DG - just brown, brown, brown. Now - I’ve got the nicest lawn on the block, and I’m not even finished with the project.

  Customer Service gets a huge 10 stars from me. I did have some minor issues, but these guys got me back on track & gave great suggestions. It was an easy DIY project. I dare you to find the seams. And this was my first time installing turf.

  Now, I splurged and went for the 1.7” blade height because most of the turf you find in the store is too consistent with height and color. This turf had browns, yellows, and greens that just makes it look like you just want to rip off your shoes and go native (my feet loved it!! So soft!!). My only complaint is that it’s a little too shiny, but I think that will disappear with time (it’s dusty around here).

  Highly recommend - and pictures speak a thousand words.

  Easy to clean! I just hit it with a blower, which also makes the grass look more natural because it gets blown in different directions.

  My neighbor called me a fool for putting in ‘fake grass’. He was shocked when he saw it - thought I went out and bought sod.

  He’s now buying a few rolls himself.

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