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Artificial grass sand quartz sand paving process

  Artificial grass sand quartz sand paving process

  1. Sand irrigation process:

  The grass seedlings are fixed with special quartz sand so that the grass seedlings do not fall. Sand is irrigated to within 10mm of the remaining height of the grass seedlings. Spread rubber particles on the surface of the grass seedlings. Grit prevents injuries to athletes.

  2. Spread artificially when spraying.

  3. Quartz sand and rubber particles can only be laid when the paving of artificial grass is completed.

  4. The laying of quartz sand shall be performed according to the concept of integral method.

  5. Quartz sand laying needs to be checked for flatness or a certain amount. If there is a shortage, it must be supplemented appropriately.

  ①. Any debris found during laying must be removed immediately to ensure smoothness.

  ② After the quartz sand pavement is completed, use a hard brush to brush back and forth to make the quartz sand drop fully and densely.

  ③. Rubber granule paving facilities have the same construction method.

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