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Artificial Grass-Sports-Golf Putting Green

  Golf originated in the United States, became more popular in Europe and the United states. After 80s, golf firstly rised in the southeast coast of China, then developed into inland, and gradually became plebification.

  Among them, natural golf green was most used in the sport fields. However, it need regular care and maintenance,the cost was high and should spray chemicals when using fertilizer or pesticide, which was harmful to people's health. At this time, Golf Putting Green was born, and firstly promoted in Europe and the United States.

  Through continuous research, innovation and improvement by Golden Moon, not only curvature, simulation, flexibility and density, etc are close to the nature grass, but also in appearance and sports performance to meet the need of golf fans and professional players. Let the ball bounce, roll and hit fluently, the foot feeling and hand touching of Artificial Grass can be comparable with the natural golf green.

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