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Artificial turf carpet product features

  Product performance characteristics:

  The color is bright and the most suitable material for all kinds of ground.

  The rebounding power is similar to that of natural grass.

  Unique friction for all climates.

  There is almost no harm to the skin.

  UV protection, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, and environmental protection without pollution.

  Vertical drainage speed is fast.

  Easy to maintain.

  The dotted line and the turf knot are integrated and do not fall off, and the service life is long.

  Artificial grass has a wide range of applications, high velvet density and durability, and its performance advantages have been widely recognized. The turf is made of grass tufted structure, the bottom of the first layer is woven with polypropylene material, and the bottom of the second layer is coated with professional glue to ensure the strength and usefulness of the product.

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