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Artificial turf characteristics

  The artificial turf is a kind of floor covering material suitable for indoor and outdoor use, which has both ground decoration and practical laying. It is produced by using plastic raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be recycled. The artificial grass with good quality has anti-aging and anti-fading and Anti-friction function. Usually after the artificial turf is laid, it needs to be used for 6-8 months to achieve good condition.

  The artificial turf carpet can not only be anti-slip, dust-removing, easy to clean, but also looks like real grass, and has the feeling of greening. Now it has become a common furniture decoration and has been loved by ordinary people. Therefore, the market prospect of artificial turf is widely optimistic. It is also the reason why the global artificial turf manufacturers are constantly emerging and the industry is developing rapidly.

  The artificial turf is obtained by artificially processing the fiber material. It can meet some sports requirements and can also be a very good decorative material. If the artificial turf is to be used on the sports field, it must have good wear resistance. Sex.

  Improve artificial turf technology to improve wear resistance, and also have significant significance in extending the service life of turf, which plays a significant role in promoting environmental protection and the development of economy and sports. The raw material of artificial turf is polymer material, so Its performance is the primary factor in determining wear resistance.

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