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Artificial Turf for Children's Play Areas

Play is crucial to the development of children; it helps them learn how to interact with each other, explore the world around them, and most importantly, have fun!

Outdoor play is a great way for children to exercise and breathe fresh air, which is why many families, schools, and daycares install artificial turf to provide a safe and low-maintenance play area for children of all ages.

The benefits of installing artificial turf for your children's play area are endless. It requires less maintenance, has no patches or clothing stains, and most importantly, it dries quickly for playtime no matter the weather. It's evident that artificial turf is great for outdoor use, but have you considered using it for indoor play areas?

The Safest Children's Play Surface

Our artificial turf is designed as a safe, durable, and attractive alternative to natural grass. Our artificial turf can be installed with high-performance shock pads underneath to provide enhanced cushioning and reduce the chance of fall injuries. Sometimes, it's impossible to help clumsy children, but we can reduce the impact of their injuries!

Durable Play Area Surface

Golden moon's artificial turf is highly resilient and elastic, which means children can fully enjoy their playtime, and you don't have to worry about maintaining the surface often. Your children can kick a ball, roll around, and enjoy all the fun they want without damaging your turf.

What to Include in Your Play Area

The key to having a successful play area is creating a customized, accessible play area that allows children of different ages to play together. This helps with their individual development, as well as experiencing the place you've created.

Some staples that always seem to be popular with children. Incorporating one or more of these into your play area will allow them to enjoy the space even more. Some of these larger items may include:

Climbing frame
Swing set
Large puzzle board
Soccer net

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